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To provide exceptional customer service so that they are pleased with our service


To be a reliable appliance repair service center renowned for our integrity and trustworthiness

Code of Values

Our code of values and conduct is reflected in our family, work environment, and community.

Our conduct is reflected by our code of values as follows:


•              Honest and purposely communication

•              Responsible service

•              Looking for the best solutions

Customer Focus

•              Customer loyalty by providing the best service in a timely manner

•              Looking to the customer’s needs and understanding his or her situation

•              Solving problems in the best interests of our clients


•              Recognize every individual as right from their own perspective

•              Being courteous and using respectful words and tone of voice

•              Listening and attending to the concern of each person and responding to his or her needs

•              Using the Golden Rule by treating our family, employees, and clients as we would like to be treated.



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